Starbucks : A Fast Paced

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We live in a fast paced, to-go world. We go to coffee shops and order a tall, grande, small, large, jumbo; we order blended, skinny, with or without tapioca. There are coffee shops at every street corner it seems, and which one to choose can be a daunting task. Here in Houston I have found three favorites, one of which is a chain, the other two which are smaller and more local: Starbucks, Dirks (formally Dietrich 's,) and Fioza. Starbucks, a nationwide chain with hours varying, offers a semi-quaint setting, a plethora of coffees, teas, and snacks, and usually pretty fast service for their customers. Unfortunately, Starbucks also offers high prices and long lines (if you happen to be the poor soul who arrives at just the right time.) The choices are many, and the ambiance affords space for Wi-Fi hot spot and comfy chairs for chit-chat with friends. Dirks, formally known as Dietrich 's, is an alternative to Starbucks with comparable prices. Dirks has two locations in midtown. While Dirks has a smaller menu and less seating, their boheme flair makes up for what they lack. Their staff is fun; the environment is more than appropriate for meeting up with friends, enjoying the weather on the patio and outside seating, or relaxing inside with a copy of any of their free publications (The Houston Press, Leisure Learning, Indigo Sun, Natural Awakenings, and more!) Lastly is a small, less well known coffee/tea shop in the Meyerland area called "Fioza." Fioza is centrally located on
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