Starbucks Achievement Plan

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Starbucks is striving to build a better company by expanding our focus in three areas that can have a significant impact. These areas include working with farmers to develop a future, bringing green retail to a global scale, and building opportunities for the younger generation.

Starbucks partnered with Conservation International in 1999 to work on having one hundred percent ethically sourced coffee. With that, in 2004 Starbucks created Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) and purchased 43 million pounds of green coffee in the first year. C.A.F.E. was expanded to include agricultural methods that focus on areas such as reducing emissions. Starbucks also strives to grow coffee in countries with evolving economies and create an impact with loans and investments. Those investments include investments in farmer loans, which have grown from $150,000 in 2000 to $3 million in 2014. Our company is devoted to decreasing our environmental footprint with purposeful and sustained change. In 2014 the 500th LEED-certified Starbucks store opened and our company continues to integrate environmental building strategies into stores.
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Starbucks awards grants through the Starbucks Youth Leadership program and has developed a barista training program to help invest in our employees for the long term. The Starbucks Community Stores program is one way our company works on collaborating and providing for the communities in which our stores are located. Volunteer service is another important concept to Starbucks with more than 520,000 hours of volunteer service recorded in 2014 around the world. The Starbucks Foundation works to provide grants to nonprofit organizations, leadership and community programs. Starbucks sees a necessity in having a diverse workforce and works to continue to evolve the diversity and inclusion strategy of our
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