Starbucks : An American Company

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Starbucks “I always start my day with a red-eye misto - two shots, extra hot, extra foam - from Starbucks” (Brzezinski, 2015). Starbucks is a familiar word in many homes across the globe. Through being aware of their self -reference criterion, Starbuck’s success doesn’t seem to end. Starbucks goes with the changes of what their customer’s culture wants. Through sustainability Starbucks has created a positive name for their company, and a thorough understanding of sociocultural aspects has led to success. Starbucks is an American company who has had global success due to their understanding of cultures, sustainability, and self-reference criterion. Starbucks: Self Reference Criterion “Where’s the Starbucks,” a question I was familiar with halfway through my first summer working at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. Seattle, WA is the home of the Flagship Starbucks store. The inside is teeny, and if you blink twice you will miss the familiar sign. It is a tiny store front nestled into a side row of buildings. “On the right, look hard for the sign, after the vegetable stands (Allen, 2015). The Starbucks brand is now one of the worlds most recognized symbol. “Currently Starbucks creates stores with colours(sic) and furniture designed from a central corporate template, which has helped it become one of the most recognisable(sic) brands in the world with more than 16,000 outlets around the globe, with 700 stores in the UK and Ireland” (Hough, 2009). Is the Starbuck’s brand
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