Starbucks : An Ideal Form Of Communication

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It can be assumed that consumers always have a cellphone nearby which allows mobile marketing to be pervasive (Kotler, Keller 2016). Consumers have the option to download the Starbucks app where they can register for Starbucks Rewards. The rewards program can only be used by downloading the phone app. The app allows customers to pay by phone, pre-order menu items, receive free drinks, coupons, and in store refills. The app can send notifications to the consumer when they qualify for rewards or a free drink. App users will also receive notifications when promotions are active in Starbucks retail stores. Mobile marketing in the form of the rewards app is an ideal form of communication because it allows Starbucks to “inform, persuade, and remind consumers-directly or indirectly about the products and brand they sell” (Kotler, Keller p. 558). Starbucks also deployed the use of social media and online marketing to communicate with their target audience. The social media platforms allow Starbucks to build a brand and promote their products in hopes of spreading awareness through word of mouth (WOM). To promote seasonal beverages Starbucks will post creative content on Instagram. Consumer’s then take the wheel by posting photos of their favorite drinks and tagging the Starbucks account. According to Naylor, Lamberton, and West viewers who see consumers similar to their own demographic supporting a particular brand will lead to a greater affinity for that brand. (p.106). Kotler

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