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2013 GROUP 6 2013 GROUP 6 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT TROY UNIVERSITY TROY UNIVERSITY STARBUCK CASE ANALYSIS STARBUCK CASE ANALYSIS Instructor: Min Carter, Ph.D. Instructor: Min Carter, Ph.D. LY NGOC HUY TRAN QUOC HUY HOANG VAN VINH TON KHANH PHUONG VU NGUYEN TRAM ANH LY NGOC HUY TRAN QUOC HUY HOANG VAN VINH TON KHANH PHUONG VU NGUYEN TRAM ANH Saigon, May 20, 2013 Saigon, May 20, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION 1 II. ANALYSIS FIRM’S CURRENT SITUATON 1 1. Mission 1 2. Vision 1 3. Information of a firm’s current situation 1 4.1 Current business strategy 1 4.2 Marketing 1 4.3 Finance 2 4.4 Operation 2 4.5 Human resource 3 III. CONDUCT ANALYSIS 3…show more content…
At each store, a store manager acts as the chief. Under this store manager are a collection of shift supervisors who act as managers on duty when the store manager is out. Below the shift supervisors are the rest of the employees, referred to as baristas. 4.5 Human resource Starbucks provides its employees generous benefits and an environment that respects their rights as individuals, regardless of their race, sex, color, or sexual orientation. Its community outreach programs and loans to farmers are ways in which Starbucks strives to protect the community from economic hardship. Starbucks works with its vendors to ensure that the rights of people are being protected, and in cases where those rights are not being protected, Starbucks seizes to do business with them. For example, in 2011 Starbucks assessed 129 factories and found 38 factories failed their zero-tolerance standards. As a result they discontinued 26 factories as Starbucks suppliers for standards issues. Starbucks was later able to begin business with 14 of those previously dropped factories III. CONDUCT ANALYSIS 1. Financial Analysis Figure 1 Starbucks consolidated global revenues reached a record $13.3 billion, a 14 percent increase, with revenue growth driven by a 7 percent rise in global comparable store sales and a 50 percent rise in revenue from Channel Development. Our operating income was $2 billion, a 16 percent increase, with our consolidated operating

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