Starbucks And Its Effect On Society

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It can easily be assumed that a wide variety of people have experienced a time at Starbucks where the barista spelled their name in the most bizarre way possible. I actually watched my friend experiencing this once. My friend Kelsey received her coffee and the cup had Celsey written on it. Have you ever met a Celsey before? I sure haven’t! Since this has been happening all over for a good amount of time, people have begun to conclude that Starbucks has been doing this on purpose in order to gain free advertising. Some might think that this is just a silly theory, but others seem to think that Starbucks is actually tricking us into advertising for them. If they are tricking us, “is this evil, funny, or brilliant?” (Dooley) Is Starbucks secretly playing a joke on us? Within the past few years, Instagram has become an extremely popular social media site. It is known as an app that provides a very quick and easy way to post a picture of a recent happening in your life such as a vacation on the beach, what you ate for dinner that night, and of course, every time you drink a Starbucks coffee. According to multiple people, if you don’t post a picture of your Starbucks coffee on Instagram, were you even there? That is a saying that people like to joke around about by saying that you have to take a picture every time you get Starbucks to prove it. Since so many people feel the need to do this already, imagine how many more people would do it if they had a good, funny
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