Starbucks And Its Impact On Business

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Starbucks has both types of resources include tangible and intangible. It 's tangible resources include financial, physical and technological, while, intangible include innovation, human and reputational.
Financial Resources
Starbucks is one of the strongest companies in the world for its financial resources. The company is strong enough to produce the funds internally for its operations. The financial resources and financial ability of the company can be analyzed by assessing its financial statements.
Income Sheet
Starbucks is successful in terms of its revenue growth. Its revenue has increased from $14,892 million in 2013 to $19,163 in 2015 (Startbucks, 2015). The growth of revenue can be seen in the graph below:

(Statistica, 2015)
Like revenue, the net income of the company has also grown over the same period of time. It has increased from $2,068 million in 2014 to $2,757 million in 2015 (Starbucks, 2015). It means that the company is strongly able to generate the funds with its high revenue and income.
Balance Sheet
The company has both current and fixed assets. The total assets of the company increased in 2015 to $12,446.1 million from $ 10,752.9 in 2014. The company assets are based on both liabilities and equities (Starbucks, 2015). The company is dependent on both shareholder’s equity and debt for its investments and funds, where, 53% of total equity and liabilities is based on liabilities and 47% is accounted by equities.
Cash Flows
Starbucks like

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