Starbucks And Its Leadership Team

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As the world has turned the pages into the 21st century, Starbucks and its leadership team has developed and leveraged the technological advances of this time period to further drive growth and expansion, in addition to providing the ultimate Starbucks Digital Experience to people. The use of digital space and use of technology across the board is what has been a wise and effective tool by management as a method for the company to have and maintain an innovative marketplace advantage. Always cutting edge, some of the innovations that have given Starbucks a marketplace advantage are the company’s ability to connect with customers via social media, mobile order and pay, providing free premium content and access to Wi-Fi for in-store…show more content…
Since the mobile payment launch in 2011, mobile loyalty card transactions accounted for 20% of sales and the current average number of mobile payments is approximately 3 million per week (Welch & Burvat, 2013).
The Correlation of Starbucks Organizational Culture to Management’s Competency
In order to establish the correlation between Starbucks organizational culture and its management’s competency, it is imperative to fully comprehend what is meant by a key management competency and precisely what it may entail. Through studying management and its characteristics as defined by those considered experts in the subject matter, I have found that there are typically four primary management competencies that are usually identified as core competencies. Those management skills are conceptual, interpersonal, technical and political (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2015, p. 11). At a high level, these management competencies require one to have the skillset to evaluate and make a clear diagnosis of a situation, have the ability to professionally work well with others, have a great depth of knowledge and expertise in reference to their specific job area and also have the skillset to establish and foster relationships essential for professional growth, internally and externally.
In selecting one of these management competencies that a successful manager at Starbucks would possess and is also considered a good fit for that organizational culture, I
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