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Introduction: Rumors have fluttered about a widely known company that specializes in coffee called Starbucks. The rumor accused Starbucks in 2004 over an email. A Sargent in the Marines helped make the email go viral. A friend of his informed him about the email and it then began to spread like wildfire. According to the Sargent, he actually contacted the disgruntled sender and got a “real story” from him, but this was never actually verified as to whether or not it’s true. The whole situation upset the Sargent enough to share the email and story with others. He included all accusations against Starbucks. Rumors formed when more and more people began to share what had happened. The email is still floating around and being talked about. So lets find out the real source of the story and what started the rumor and all the negativity. I’ll talk about how Starbucks reacted and what they did to try and resolve the issue. I’ll also mention Starbucks response to it all and how things should’ve been handled and what still should be done in order to get more fans back. The Problem: Here is how it all started: a friend told Marine Sargent Howard Wright that Starbucks didn’t support our American Troops. Wright was stunned to hear this and decided to write an email out explaining how a message was sent to Starbucks requesting to send coffee to Iraq. He included that Starbucks didn’t support the war going on in Iraq. This email went viral and kept it going as more and more people

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