Starbucks And Zappos : Case Study

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We leave in a consumer—oriented society. Starbucks and Zappos are the two companies that managed to achieve a worldwide success by focusing on quality customer service and staying true to their cultures. Their staffing policies, as well as, employee training and development helped them built employee and customer relations that last. Culture of the company is without a doubt one of the most important factors that will either guarantee a success or failure. Starbucks and Zappos, place a strong emphasis on connecting with their people, meaning both their employees and customers. For both companies culture is the number one priority, they focus on customer service and unity of their people. Starbucks connection with people begins at the coffee farms, where farmers passionately grow and harvest Starbucks beans. If a company wants its product to become a success, people who co-produce that final product must share your passion and believe in your products’ success. Starbucks tries to understand what happens in the lives of their employees and they care for them a great deal. According to Starbucks, human motivation is a key driver of human performance, so they try to offer their employees opportunities for personal growth and development. Baristas should have a deep appreciation for coffee, because this is what drives their market. To infuse employees passion for coffee, they are educated about the whole process from growing coffee beans to how it comes to the market. Important

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