Starbucks: Annual Report

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1. There are several sections to an annual report. The two main sections are the written section from management to shareholders, and the second section is the 10-K. The written section is entirely optional; some companies omit it while others prepare an extensive write-up. There is no set form for this section. Starbucks' 2011 Annual Report has a 4 page write-up with a letter from Howard Schultz and a brief description of the company's business for the past year. The 10-K does have a set form. It includes a five-part discussion of the business; the financial data, which is the largest part of the report; a five-part discussion of relating to governance and the executive and the last part is the exhibits. 2. Starbucks enjoyed strong financial performance in 2011. The company did not explicitly attribute this, but with an 8% rise in same store sales it seems that either the consumer market bounced back, or Starbucks made changes that attracted more consumers. The company feels that it offered better products and a better experience at its stores. The company also credited operating efficiencies and tight control of spending for improved profits. In addition, the company continued its global expansion, which improved the top line, and used the economies of scale it generated as part of its cost control program. 3. The primary assets that Starbucks holds are outlined on the balance sheet. The biggest category of asset is with plant, property and equipment. The notes to

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