Starbucks At Pike Place Market

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 In 1971, in Seattle, Washington at Pike Place Market, Starbucks opened their first store.
 The original store sold coffee beans and machines, it was owned by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker.
 In 1981, Starbucks hired Howard Schultz as the Director of Retail Operations. He tried to convince the owners to sell coffee verse beans and machines. Unfortunately, he did not convince them and he branched off and opened his own café. Howard opened his chain of coffee shops in 1986 and later bought the name Starbucks from Baldwin.
 Today they have over 24,000 stores in 70 countries.
 Opposed franchise for quality control and development of cultures.
 Starbucks takes great pride and recognition in their diverse organization that aligns with their core values.
 Starbucks encompasses all human’s attributes such as ethnicity, age, gender, sexual preference, creed, disability, and language.
 They build an access alliance with various partners, these programs focus on diversity awareness training and global cultural differences. They inspire workers and the community. They have eight partner networks (Inclusion at Starbucks, n.d.):
 Starbucks Access Alliance Partner Network strives in diversity and cultural competence. Each program has a group of leaders that focus on inclusion, equity and accessibility.
 Starbucks team leaders provide education and promote connectivity through networking with partners and disability programs. To be successful, the leaders focus on

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