Starbucks Brand Identity

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What are the main ways a high-street retailer represents their company to the public? Using one prominent store/retail chain that you are familiar with, describe how each aspect contributes to their brand and identity.

Founded in the streets of Seattle, Washington during the 1970’s. Howard Schultz certainly never anticipated creating a brand that has become the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Starbucks has dominated the world with its aromatic and fine quality coffee beans. It is not just a mere coffee house, it is a brand, a lifestyle, a culture and most evidently, it is an iconic figure, an identity. (Koehn 2002)

This essay shall introduce Starbucks as a renowned brand in contemporary society, its origins as a coffee
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(Isobe 2012)

Phillips and Rippin (2010) emailed Starbucks to inquire why a siren was chosen as their company’s logo, the swift reply from Starbucks described that the siren is a creature of strength and power. “Its stylized and anodyne nature, however, obscures the richness of mermaid tradition and iconography in general, and of two-tailed siren in particular.” (Phillip and Ripping 2010, p. 484) Mermaids are mythological creatures that have the power to seduce. This resembles the power of Starbucks to seduce their customers with their high quality coffee. The mermaid’s beauty is an expression of exoticism that is associated to the pleasure and addiction that coffee carries. Moreover a mermaid will beguile and draw the innocent into a world that is away from duties and frustration. This resembles Starbucks, a place that is away from work and home and is filled with excitement and anticipation. (Phillips and Rippin 2010)

The siren logo has evolved numerous of times over the last four decades. When Starbucks first started, the two-tailed siren was fully topless and her double tail was fully visible as she was holding it up high. The logo was based on a Norse cut wood that had the words ‘Starbucks’, ‘Coffee’, ‘Tea’ and ‘Spices’ encircled.

In the year 1987, Schultz officially merged his company I1 Giornale with Starbucks. To symbolize this melding the
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