Starbucks : Business Marketing Strategy

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1. Briefly synthesize the key information presented in the case. Starbucks is the best example to show any business marketing strategies have done successfully because it is one of the biggest companies over the world. Becoming the biggest business happened quickly with exceeding expectation. The case of Starbucks informs how Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, can make his business from domestic to overseas and presents several key strategies which are external, such as location, customers, and reputation and are internal, such are product mix and employees. First of all, Starbucks has to concern places that when and where customers want coffee because it involves all the business activities with storing and transporting its products, so it can serve customers efficiently. For example, the original Starbucks store is still located in Pike Place, Seattle because it is a tourist attraction, so he tested opening in Chicago because it is the main location of Midwest culture and considered floating population near retail store, so it can have a potential growth broadening out the national brand as his dream. Later, he could expand his company to Los Angeles; fortunately because the Los Angeles Times introduced Starbucks as the best coffee shop. Therefore, Starbucks became the symbol of the best coffee shops in America. Next, it values customers’ experiences and connection, so Schultz does target to two generations, which are old and young, in order to connect and satisfy both of
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