Starbucks Case Analysis

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Case Problem Analysis

Time Frame The case happened back in the 90’s where a lot of coffee shop is being operated in the business industry; one of this is the Starbucks a very well-known coffee shop nowadays. The Starbucks coffee maintained its clients or customers due of the new technique in marketing mix and to evaluate the kind of coffee and tea they were offered by the customers. The management also offered a promotional campaign by the use of advertisement in different media such as on television, radio, and printed media to remember the name of Starbucks. And now the said store or coffee shop has been created his own name here in the Philippines. (Source: Sunday Inquirer
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The main topic in this diagram is the different cause and effect of the strategies to be used to make the company “boom”. Those that are inside the boxes above the fish are the main strategies and under it are the different ways to improve the main strategies. Below are sub topics of the main strategies and the effects of the said ways to improve the company strategies. The simple explanation for this diagram is that, to make the Starbucks more popular in the business industry, the management should improve its PRODUCT, FACILITIES, and MANPOWER. And in order to improve the product, the first thing that you should revise is their PRICES, in order to improve the facilities, the first thing that should be revised is the LOCATION, and lastly, in order to improve the manpower, the first thing that should be improved is the PROMOTION. Included in the diagram are the description or the effects if the product’s prices are revised, if the facilities are improved through new locations, and if the manpower will increase with the use of promotions.

Competitors Analysis

Starbucks competitors in the coffee beverage sales include 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, McDonald 's, Panera Bread, and Einstein Bagels. Competitors such as McDonald 's and Dunkin Donuts not only

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