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Leonard Planck
Professor Zhou
Starbucks Case Study
I chose to do a case analysis on Starbucks because I am a huge fan, as a college student I am addicted to caffeine and Starbucks is how I get my caffeine fix! I am a gold card member with Starbucks meaning, I drink so much of their coffee they rewarded me as a valuable customer. Some perks include a free food or beverage after twelve purchases, a free food or beverage on my birthday, as well as discount coupons and exclusive member deals. The first Starbucks location opened in 1971. The name is inspired by Moby Dick’s first mate. This name and the mermaid logo were inspired by the love of the sea, from Starbucks original location in Seattle Washington in the heart of Pike
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Their mission statement from the company profile is as follows: “Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” Their core competencies can be defined as high quality coffee and products at accessible locations and affordable prices provided a community to share in the coffee drinking experience, and variety of choices. They also value ethics and good business practices and are a leader being voted one of 2010’s most ethical businesses by Ethisphere magazine for the 4th year running. (“Starbucks”) CEO Howard Schultz summed it up nicely when he said, “We remain highly respectful of the culture and traditions of the countries in which we do business. We recognize that our success is not an entitlement, and we must continue to earn the trust and respect of customers every day.”
The key issues facing this firm were its attempts at massive expansion and creating new value innovation. The need to expand could cause the company to become over exposed and risk its ability to change. New players in the field such as McDonalds pose a new potential threat of competition, though it is unclear if they share the same market. What can Starbucks do to compete with the competition? There are alternative actions Starbucks can take to secure its competitive advantage it has upheld for so long. The one item that truly

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