Starbucks Case Study

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Case 1-1 Starbucks- Going Global Fast
1. Identify the controllable and uncontrollable elements that Starbucks has encountered in entering global markets.
Answer: The controllable factors that I believe Starbucks has encountered entering the global market are similar to the controllable factors they have encountered in their domestic market. The controllable factors are product, price, place, and promotion. Starbucks has millions of consumers around the globe and is able to adjust to fit the different tastes and expectations of different cultures based on their products, prices, places Starbucks is available and how Starbucks markets themselves. The marketing research group of Starbucks also can evaluate to make sure the products they
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Starbucks also does not pay their employees very well. You would think with the amount of money Starbucks makes every year they would be able to pay their employees well.
4. How might Starbucks improve profitability in Japan?
Answer: Starbucks could improve profitability in Japan by either reducing the price or increasing benefits in Japan. Japan is also a very busy country, so Starbucks could introduce an online system so customers could provide their order on the Internet to pick up at the nearest Starbucks to them. Starbucks could also provide entertainment in the different Starbucks locations to attract customers to come in and get a cup of coffee and enjoy the entertainment. Providing entertainment would make customers come in more, which would boost their sales more then normal.

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