Starbucks Case Study : Starbucks

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Starbucks Case Study
Throughout the United States and Asia, Starbucks is renounced for their expertly crafted coffee, so much so that an immensely large portion of the nation at least recognizes the logo and the name. This success to this day keeps producing higher returns for investors especially over this last third quarter of 2016. The third quarter had set many new records with Starbucks for both the American markets as well as the Asian markets causing a big boom for the company and sparking excitement within the investors. This record increase “was primarily driven by the opening of 1,876 net new stores over the past 12 months” (Doraisamy 2016). As far as the growth due to the other stores open for more than 13 months, those stores had also seen a hefty revenue increase due to the increased memberships for Starbucks Rewards which “increased 18% year-over-year to 12.3 million active loyalty members in the U.S.” (Doraisamy 2016). This increase in memberships had proven strong towards the likelihood that customers will return at a higher frequency. Recently there has been an increase of 9% profitability in the third quarter which has noticeably been due to the consolidation of their operating margins “due to sales leverage and lower commodity costs” (Doraisamy 2016). This recent success throughout America and Asia along with the mass quantity of stores being opened, has been the main direct cause that lead to the major EPS jump this third quarter. Among the astounding

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