Starbucks Coffee Hacks That You Will Love Essay

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Title: 7 Starbucks Coffee Hacks That You Will Love
Category: Health & Wellness
Tags: copycat starbucks, healthy coffees
Teaser: Before dishing out a premium price for a coffee that’s not quite up to your health standards, pull out your coffee maker and brew your own.
Article: There’s no mistaking Starbucks appeal — freshly brewed coffee-house beverages, pleasing flavors and tempting aromas. Yet, inside those appealing brews often hides heaps of processed sugar, sodium, artificial flavors and high calories. So what’s a health-conscious coffee lover to do? Make your own coffee house beverages of course, but with organic coffee, natural sweeteners and real flavorings that come from real whole food.

Let’s spill the beans
A few years ago, it was revealed that Starbucks was using crushed bugs to color their Strawberry Frappuccino. Thankfully, they responded to the public outcry and eliminated that beetle juice from their fraps. But what else lurks behind those trendy coffee-house beverages. Not all coffees are made with organic beans. And if you’re not drinking organic brews then that premium-priced latte may also contains a host of toxins from pesticides. In fact, since Starbucks coffee is grown all over the world in developing countries, the U.S. can’t regulate the type and amount of pesticides used in foreign countries. That means consuming non-organic coffee on a regular basis can be a little risky for your health.
Artificial flavors
Unfortunately, non organic beans is
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