Starbucks Coffee International Inc.

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Starbucks actively uses social media to get a feedback from the consumers all over the world. Even more, any one can suggest a new taste for any brand’s world store and if this idea will work the person will get a reward. The global marketers of Starbucks use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other popular platforms, giving away coupons and offers to the customers of each country and city worldwide. Also, anyone can download the Starbucks app and enjoy deals from the brand wherever in the world he is, having an opportunity to see the nearest outlet. Moreover, a special group of Starbucks employees from the head office of the company reads the feedback of the experience with the company, which allows the brand to be sure wherever they are going and whatever they are doing can be right for anyone and anywhere (Wilken & Sinclair, 2011, p. 7).
The branch office called Starbucks Coffee International Inc. and founded in 1995 is responsible for all international decisions. Nowadays Peter Maslen and 180 marketing professionals are taking control over the brand 's global marketing. For Starbucks it is important to stay true to the brand 's core values and to perform with general standardization at any place of the world. Global marketing scholars often make brands remain the same in any place of their performance. In order to become “a true global brand” it is necessary to follow the same beliefs and principles everywhere – not just in name, but also in positioning and…
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