Starbucks Coffee Supply Chain

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1. Introduction
Globalization is “the integration of economies around the world through the movement of goods, services and capital across borders” and is a dynamic process through which companies, corporations and organizations leverage their strengths, magnify their reach, and decrease costs by outsourcing multiple business processes (IMF Staff, 2008). The globalization of Starbucks’ supply chain played a crucial role in attaining organizational success, having a significant impact on its business operations. This report aims to analyze the challenges that globalization presents in a constantly evolving market, and evaluate the solutions that Starbucks has implemented to manage these challenges.

2. Background
Starbucks started out
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Hence, this strict control over the global supply chain is essential for Starbucks’ performance and efficiency, which directly impacts profit.

3. Issues and challenges
3.1 Problems with rapid growth
Following its success in the United States, Starbucks ventured overseas and quickly became a globalization icon. With its rapid globalization strategy, Starbucks expanded from about 5000 stores to an estimated 15,000 stores in 2000 (Groth, 2011). By mid-2000s, Starbucks’ supply chain faced many issues, resulting with challenges of having to fulfill expansion strategies yet minimizing escalating operation expenses. By 2008, Starbucks’ stocks fell by 42% (Schultz, 2011). The rapid expansion took a toll on the sales growth and stretched the limits of the existing supply chain, which then rippled down to erode the customer-valued ‘Starbucks experience’ (Gibbons, 2011).
Starbucks then reorganized their supply chain – developing new cost-effective models, relooking into suppliers and reconsidering expenditures by ingredient instead of purchase price (Cooke, 2010). The supply chain was streamlined into 4 categories: Plan, Source, Make and Deliver, adopting a simplified system where coffee beans were manufactured in the same region where they are sold (Starbucks, 2012b, November 30). This was modeled by existing
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