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Named after a character in the classic story of Moby Dick, Starbucks Coffee has emerged as the world 's leader in retail, roasting, and branding of specialty coffees for millions of customers worldwide since its 1971 founding in Seattle 's Pike Place Market in the state of Washington. Still headquartered in Seattle, Starbucks Coffee Company has expanded to stores in all 50 states and in 43 countries outside of the United States.
"You get more than the finest coffee when you visit a Starbucks - you get great people, first-rate music and a comfortable and upbeat meeting place," says Howard Schultz, Starbucks chairman, president, and chief executive officer. "We establish the value of buying a product at
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Starbucks incorporate elements of these festivals in the way they greet our customers and decorate the stores to lift up the festive spirit.
Starbucks constantly seek to surprise and delight our customers with innovative handcrafted beverages and menu items. From exclusive mooncakes made with Starbucks® coffee offered every Mid-Autumn Festival since 2003 to original handcrafted beverages such as the Coffee Jelly Frappuccino®, Starbucks continue to offer innovative core and promotional products to engage our customers in new and exciting ways.
Starbucks® introduces new creations such as However-You-Want-It Frappuccino® and the ground breaking Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew. With its latest addition of the new Starbucks Card, customers are now able to enjoy their cup of coffee with just a swipe at anytime and anywhere.
Berjaya Starbucks Malaysia celebrated its second annual Global Month of Service throughout the month of April last year; a community service programme encoded by Starbucks worldwide, all of which takes place simultaneously within the same month. 27 community service projects were executed in Malaysia nationwide with an accumulation of 8,898 hours.
Starbucks main vision for projects as such is to be a catalyst for positive change by bringing together all its partners and customers to help address local issues through community service and at the same
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