Starbucks Corporation: Competing in a Global Market Essays

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Starbucks Corporation: Competing in a Global Market

1. What factors in the global environment provide opportunities or threats for Starbucks? How do Starbuck’s strengths and weaknesses match up to its opportunities and threats?
Factors in the global environment provide both opportunities and strengths for Starbucks. Opportunities such as increased revenues, further expansions, and achieving their goal of becoming the most respected brand worldwide. Starbucks also faced threats. These threats include dealing with growing antiglobalization overseas and their huge risk of less return on each overseas store, this deriving from overseas operations being run by local partners instead of Starbucks
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According to the case, in order to serve their customers with more than mere coffee, Starbucks strived to create their stores with a distinct feel, yet comfortable, relating to the cultural setting of a location. This made Starbucks fit its interior décor to the local architecture, especially in historic buildings. Also, Starbucks was willing (flexible) enough to adapt the food it offered in-store to local taste. For example, in Asia, Starbucks offers curry puffs and meat buns contrary to what is offered in North America or Britain.
Starbuck’s global-level strategy, according to the case, is referred to as the Starbucks way. In the case it is stated that “the company finds local business partners in most foreign markets… It tests each country with a handful of stores in trendy districts, using experienced Starbucks managers.” The case further states that Starbucks “then sends local baristas to Seattle for 13 weeks of training. Then it starts opening stores by the dozen.”
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