Starbucks Corporation, The Mission And Vision Statement

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Abstract This paper discussed about the Starbucks Corporation, the Mission and Vision statement of the Starbucks Corporation and the strategies formulated and implemented by Starbucks in maintaining competitive edge over its competitors. It also discussed about problems recently faced by Starbucks and recommendations to solve the problems and strategies for potential development of Starbucks in near future.

Starbucks Corporation is a globalized coffee company operating successfully since 1931.It had its headquarters in Washington and have branches in more than 63 countries. Starbucks is known for its premium quality and high standard coffee. Starbucks coffee is one of the most
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Providing a work environment where every individual is treated with respect and dignity.
2. Embracing a multi-diversity component in conducting of the business.
3. Maintaining high quality and standard in purchasing, roasting and fresh delivery of coffee.
4. Providing customer satisfaction at all the times.
5. Giving back to the community and practicing corporate social responsibility principle in the practice of doing business.
6. Performance driven through the lens of humanity and recognizing that profitability is essential to future success.
Strategies currently practiced in Starbucks Corporation
The strategies currently followed in Starbucks are grouped as below:
Product Strategy: The strategy followed by Starbucks in preparing and marketing their products is to be innovative and creative with diversification of the products. Starbucks provides various diversified products which include hand crafted beverages like fresh brewed coffee, hot and ice espresso, fresh foods like baked pastries, sandwiches and salads. As a result of the high quality and diversified products Starbucks is viewed by its consumers as having all day treats and which increases sales and in turn profits.
Store design, planning and construction: In order to attract more customers and to create a unique experience to enjoy,
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