Starbucks, Customer & Competitive, Analysis (Us Home Market)

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Jeffrey Shippy PO Box 1075 Starbucks Customer & Competitive Analysis (US Home Market) Team Members: Florez, Miguel Imaz, Jose Li, Liangshi Mehrotra, Anil Shippy, Jeff PART A: COMPANY AND PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Company and Product Overview In a span of ten to fifteen years, Starbucks has become one of the most recognized brand names in the US. Most of us in the US are familiar with Starbucks’ coffee shop outlets that have sprung up in what seems to be every block in the country. Specifically, the company roasts its own imported coffee beans and sells them through a variety of…show more content…
As a result, this segment typically exhibits an in-and-out behavior when purchasing coffee at coffee shops and does not really care about the ambiance of a coffee shop. The Rush Crowd is primarily drawn to purchasing coffee from a coffee shop because it is fast, nearby work, and good quality. This segment also my bring co-workers along to the coffee shop when buying coffee in order to have a quick co-worker “bonding” experience or business discussion. The Rush Crowd is more sensitive to time and effort in the purchase experience versus the cost of the coffee. The Rush Crowd can be found in small and large cities, and the segment is very condensed in high occupancy business buildings. Individuals in this segment may go to a coffee shop more or less every workday morning. Understanding What Customers Value Each customer segment receives value through Starbucks’ coffee shops in distinct ways via the customer’s experience. A detailed analysis of the customer purchase and usage experience for each segment is provided in Exhibits A-1.1 through A-1.3. As shown in the Exhibits, some similarities and differences exist among the purchase and usage experiences of each segment. A summary of the key findings in the customer purchase and usage experience is provided below. Understanding the Customer Experience - Summary In summary of the findings from the customer purchase and usage experience of each segment shown in Exhibits
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