Starbucks' Duetto Visa

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Starbuck’s Duetto Visa

Starbuck’s Duetto Visa

For this assignment, students are asked to select the case Starbucks Duetto Visa from the site and answer the questions at the end of the case.
Like many other merchants, Starbucks the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, offered its customers a pre-paid stored-value card known as the Starbuck’s Card. This came as a direct off-shoot from their customer focused/customer satisfaction aspect of their business model. This card was a tremendous success. In their quest to build on that success they sought
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The first part was to measure brand enhancement and was done through data gathered from in-store usage of the card and from customers’ comments. It sought to measure customers’ in-store experience, satisfaction and feelings of appreciation through the use of the new card. Customer’s had the choice of using either the pre-paid option or the charge option. Compilation of this data, a quantitative process, would serve to establish customers’ satisfaction and feelings of appreciation at their use of the new product.
The second part was the research conducted by Bank One to measure the Return on Market Investment for the new product. Through a brand tracking study for the new product Bank One, by evaluating numerical data on number of accounts booked, cost per account, spend per month in each of these accounts, they were able to measure the ROMI for the new card. This was also a quantitative research process.

The Strength of the Type of Research used for the Particular Stages
In the first stage Starbucks had a vision and needed to find a way to make it a reality. This meant choosing the right partners from all the possible ones that would present themselves. They (Starbucks) needed at this stage to develop an understanding, through detailed study, of each of the prospective partners to establish their

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