Starbucks E-Marketing

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E-Marketing BM012-3-2-EMKT Individual Assignment | Table of Contents 1.0 INTRODUCTION 3 2.0 STRATEGY IDENTIFICATION 4 2.1Marketing Mix 4 2.11 Product 4 2.12 Price 4 2.13 Place 5 2.13 Promotion 5 3.0 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 8 3.1 SWOT Analysis for Starbucks 8 3.2 PEST Analysis for Starbucks 10 3.21 Political 10 3.22 Economic 10 3.23 Social 11 3.24 Technological 11 4.0 E_MARKETING PLAN 14 4.1 E-Marketing Strategic Planning 14 4.11 Segmentation 14 4.12 Targeting 15 4.13 Differentiation 15 4.14 Positioning 16 4.2 Objectives 18 4.3 E-marketing Strategy 18 4.4 E-marketing Tactics 19 5.0 IMPLEMENTATION 22 5.1 Implementation Plan 22 5.2 Evaluation 24 6.0 CONCLUSION 25 7.0…show more content…
This mobile payment is a revolutionary e-marketing strategy that can add value to the price of the product. (, 2010) See Appendix: Figure 2: Starbucks Card Mobile App 2.13 Place Starbucks can be located in any area where there is a perceived high traffic to the store. Starbucks outlets can also be found in-store in many places such Hospitals, Universities major shopping malls and large stores. Starbucks has also been testing ‘stealth outlets’ recently which means naming the store after the street it is located in, forgoing the Starbucks logo and printing the name of the street on the cup instead in an attempt to “localize” stores. (Bashkar, C, 2009) Ambience of the store is an important factor in place as it determines how much the customer enjoyed the experience at the stores. Starbucks has comfortable seating and ample electrical outlets for anyone who wants to enjoy the free Wi-Fi internet access via laptops and other electrical devices. Also Starbucks has an in store no smoking policy so that the aroma of coffee would not be compromised. (Business and Companies, 2008) Starbucks integrated e-marketing strategies to enhance this through mobile marketing where customers can now download a mobile application called myStarbucks App which has a navigate store locater that directs the customer to the nearest Starbucks store. (, 2010) Place is also about how the
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