Starbucks Ethical Behavior

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Business Ethical Behaviour of star bucks

Over the last two decades social corporate responsibility has become an increasingly important factor in the business world. Corporate Social Responsibility is concerned with treating the stakeholders of a company or institution ethically or in a responsible manner. “Ethically or responsible' means treating key stakeholders in a manner deemed acceptable according to international norms “ Hopkins (2011).By social corporate responsibility we mean that businesses and organization that reflect their ethical , legal and social consequences on their management decisions. Business ethics are followed by all organization globally. While some of them are ethically acceptable by society , the other are
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While making sure that they buy coffee fairly, it also ensures that ecology is maintained. It provides the farmers resources which reduces cost of production and offers them loans to get products at right price. In some countries they provide sponsorship of schools and hospital which would otherwise be inaccessible to poor farmers. These services are the basic right which the farmers are entitled to.

How do Starbucks treat their Employees?
One of the most important stakeholders of star bucks are the employees. An organization cannot function by itself. The people who manage the businesses and ensure that the business runs smoothly are employees. Starbucks(n.d) “Starbucks Coffee Company is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or marital status”. It treats all its employees equally. Ethics of rights and justice approach shows that it provides equal rights to all employees and it also ensures justice through fair treatment. It is also the only company to provide healthcare benefits to both part-time and full-time employees. “USLEAP believes that Starbucks is far ahead of any other major U.S. coffee company in developing a plan to address conditions and basic rights of workers on plantations that supply Starbucks” Starbucks Initiative ( n.d). Utilitarian view of star bucks
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