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Task1 Projects4Technology’s transition as a virtual business company requires a great deal of understanding and in depth analysis. While I was going to complete my assignment I have gone through a complex research which has involved me to study more about the topic and also gave me a first-hand knowledge of how to plan for a company. I have gone through many articles and journals on the google, I have searched especially for the virtual company, what is the difference between the virtual organization and the traditional organization. I have drawn the comparison which can be cost effective. The articles helped me in understanding the exact scenario of the organizations. While researching I came across a case study which was on “Brand…show more content…
Then there is another issue which is the personal infrastructure is different from the corporate infrastructures. Gartner research in 2009 estimated that the average cost of a PC for an average company can be more than $7,000 per year whereas the cost of an individual is less than $2,000. An increase number of corporations have decided to let their employees buy their own devices. Bloomberg studies also have shown a 30% increase in the productivity of the workers. With the existing model the standard management expenses is a big problem in the traditional model and it can be reinvented with the Traditionally-Virtual approach. Now, if we look at the traditional environment then we can see that the individuals are largely intended to spend up their budgets. It can be decided in a good way that the individuals can be given their own expense fund so that they can manage it themselves, it gives them a sense of responsibility. It eliminates the company’s expenses and provides a sense of flexibility and aligns the interests of the organization and the employee. The solution to this can be to take which is best in both infrastructures and then reinvent the company’s infrastructure into a “Traditional-Virtual Design”. In summary, there are few steps that can be taken to implement this structure and can be started via prototype in the organization: The purpose and processes for the new structure should be explain to the employees Explaining how and why and

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