Essay about Starbucks Financial Analysis

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Financial Analysis - Starbucks Corporation
Travis Demmons
Dr. Said
FIN 534 – Financial Management
March 16, 2013

In this assignment, a savvy financial analyst researching companies in which to invest a U.S. publically-traded company that would be a good investment was chosen. After a lengthy search, a company that my family is unduly familiar with, Starbucks, was chosen and in the following pages a financial analysis will be described. The world renowned Starbucks Corporation (New York Stock Exchange: SBUX) has gone from a Seattle-based company to one of the world's most powerful and recognizable brands of high-quality coffee. Starbucks welcomes millions of customers through their doors every day in
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In the food or restaurant industry there are many players within each marketplace. When an individual entity does not have full control over the market, related to price or market share, it is described as a monopolistic perfect competition market. Essentially, that is the type of market that Starbucks finds it in. The basic feature of the food and restaurant market is the large number of players in the market produces similar products but not identical products. In other words, there is a bit of differentiation among the products. It is an open market which allows for freedom of both entry and exit. Competition within the industry is very competitive with a limited amount of market control. The restaurant industry is said to be one of the oldest industries in the economy. As the economy and urbanization grow, so too does the industry of restaurants; it’s for this reason that the industry has been growing at a rapid pace. Even with the restaurant industry ebbing and flowing, there are still new entities entering the fray consistently. Some restaurants may close, but it will not be too long before a new restaurant opens in the place of the old one. Historically, the restaurant industry has contributed nearly 4 percent to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States (U.S.) economy. The most recent findings show that the restaurant industry employs more than 12.7 million people (which is approximately equal to 9 percent of the

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