Starbucks Financial Report Breakdown

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Starbucks Coffee Company ACCT290 Starbucks Coffee Company Starbucks has grown into a common household name with storefronts all over the world. Currently, there are more than 17,000 coffee shops in more than fifty countries. Starbucks not only offers their customers coffee, but coffee beans, accessories, teas, brewers, music and food; all of which contribute to their financial success. Starbucks storefronts are now seen inside grocery stores as well, allowing the shopper browse the aisles while sipping a caffeinated beverage. Starbucks also draws its followers and loyal customers by promoting themselves as being an environmental conscious company. Their goal is to have 100% recyclable or reusable cups by 2015. Starbucks is in the…show more content…
Even if an employee is not interested in investing in their company financial statements would still be of interest to employees who want more information. For example, when Starbucks was closing stores the employees were worrisome that Starbucks might be in financial trouble, and worrisome that their store might be closing next. Although that particular information wouldn’t be in the financial statements employees could check out the financial statements to see that even though Starbucks was closing stores they were still doing finically well, and still very profitable. Creditors will review financial statements to see if the company has enough funds coming in to pay back its current debts, and if Starbucks was to request more loans or funding the creditor would want to ensure they would be paid back, by looking at the financial statements and the growth Starbucks Coffee Company has had the last three years it is clear they can pay back their debts as they come due. Vendors, like creditors, would also be interested in this information to ensure that they will receive payment and see how successful one of their potential partners. In closing, based on the consolidated balance sheet Starbucks Coffee Company has total current assets as of “ September 30, 2012 is $4,119.6 million, which is a growth of $404.7 million from October 2, 2011 (Starbucks Investor

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