Starbucks Green Mountain Website : An Innovative, Technology- And Values Based, Personal Beverage System Company

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Company Analysis
“We’ve blended the disruptive innovation of a leading-edge technology company with the consumer focus of a socially conscious, premium coffee company to become what Keurig Green Mountain is today: an innovative, technology- and values-based, personal beverage system company.” -Keurig Green Mountain Website
Keurig Green Mountain envisions itself as a company leading the industry with technology. After conducting thorough research, it is notable that Keurig has had a sustainable advantage for several years. Despite the fact that Keurig pods are five times as expensive as buying coffee grounds, averaging over fifty dollars a pound for even the lower end coffees. If this is compared to the fact that a
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They were, however, pioneers in this type of brewing and their name and brand are synonymous with quality despite what lists say. Their original strategy aligned their name with quality and as pioneers with a patent, there was nobody to contest their assertions. A big part of their ability to better the taste of the coffee brewed with their machine similar in the way that a barista achieves this freshness by grinding the beans in front of you and pouring scalding water over them immediately. Keurig achieves the fresh taste by grinding beans in a factory, flushing them with nitrogen, and sealing them into airtight capsules. It is known that oxidation is what makes coffee go stale. With their airtight seal, months may pass between grinding and brewing, K-Cup coffee still tastes fairly fresh. (Dzieza, 2014) Even though a single-cup machine is more aesthetically pleasing, what makes it just as appealing is the knowledge that a cup from that brewer is fresh.
(Technology)As first in the market, they were number 43 on the Forbes, “World’s Most Innovative Companies,” list, making the list for the second year in a row. This is even more impressive as the concept has not varied too far from the original concept. No company has done more to change the way Americans drink coffee in the last several years than Keurig Green
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