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Starbucks Harvard Business School Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service MKT 690: Marketing Management Mike DiPietro Spring 2015 Nevin Johnson Abstract The following diction is an analysis of the Harvard Business School study on Starbucks coffee, titled “Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service.” There are many factors accounted for Starbucks extraordinary success in the 1990s. Though Starbucks offered great coffee and a great experience their customer satisfaction scores declined. There are many reasons why their customers are not satisfied, will a 40million dollar investment on labor boost their customer satisfaction? There are many key factors that have let Starbucks to be one of the biggest known names for coffee in the…show more content…
Starbucks started to be obnoxiously overwhelming, everywhere you turned there was that damn mermaid. Their presence in the market became too much for their customers, everyone likes everything in moderation and when it becomes too much they don’t want it. You can get coffee almost anywhere so why somewhere that you thought was only in this to make money to build a new Starbucks next to the old Starbucks which is across the street from the other Starbucks which is around the corner from the Starbucks that is closest to your office.? Yes there was a significant differentiation between Starbucks and other coffeehouses, but Starbucks cost something like seventy dollars a gallon. The company service has not necessarily declined. Again, everyone is pleased with Starbucks coffee. Starbucks has become this Mecca of coffee shops, twenty something’s and above pilgrimage to get their morning brew. Mornings are a drag, MORNINGS ARE A DRAG, and most of the time people don’t even want to get out of their cars to get a cup of coffee. Wait time at Starbucks is steadily increasing, especially if the cheerful a hole in front of you is ordering fifty cups of coffee for his whole office. People don’t have time to wait, we don’t have time to do anything. The fact that people could not get their coffee and get out the door is the main reason why
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