Starbucks Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans

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Running Head: Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans

Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans
STR/581 Version 4
Strategic Planning & Implementation
Kenneth Kobus
July 12, 2011

Starbucks is the worlds leading specialty coffee retailer. The company produces a wide range of beverages as well as various confections and pastries. With over 17,000 stores world wide one would have to wonder why a successful company like this would need to form a strategic plan. In this world there are no guarantees of success for businesses. Each company must be able to form a successful marketing strategy and must be able implement their plan effectively. In this highly competitive global environment the overarching
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They then went back and redesigned the ice scoop. When the stores started using the new scoops, it “shaved” off about 14 seconds from the preparation time of the drink” (Arola, Manning 2007). This new implementation was part of the company’s goal of getting the drink to its customers in three minutes or less. Starbucks is always looking for new ways to improve their products and services to their customers. If a customer has a problem or a comment they can turn it into the forum page off of the company’s website. By doing this the company is able to get customer feedback to all of its new ideas and products. Starbucks is competing in an industry where marketing principles has to follow the differentiator strategy or they will lose market share. The company goal is to create high value for its customers, or the customers will simply find another place to spend their money. Starbucks marketing principles are the basis of the company's competitive advantage within the coffee industry. Starbucks products are associated with high quality, and the company dedicates itself to producing high quality products. Because of this association with high quality, Starbucks has been able to charge a higher price or premium for its products. As long as the company can protect its reputation for high quality and strong values, it will be able to maintain its premium prices.

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