Starbucks Importance

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Starbucks should have,like all big companies, a good image for such a huge company that is located in 70 countries with over 24,000 stores. Like many other companies, Starbucks gets thousands of customers everyday and that is why it's important that Starbucks build better relationships. Starbucks creating jobs, supporting farmers, and taking care of the environment in third world countries is important. It's comforting to know when you purchase a drink from Starbucks, you are helping others with newly created jobs and improving the community. Starbucks has given 8,000 veterans and 10,000 young people jobs and with almost 20,000 created jobs, how could it not be important? Not only do they create jobs, they help farmers with the “Farmer Loan…show more content…
Viewing the Youtube video gives out a positive feeling that you're being involved with someone else and helping them when you purchase something from a Starbucks. This approach to vertising is effective and clever and with over 15 million views on the Youtube video, many have seen the Youtube video and even commented positive remarks like “dang. that definitely will make me go to Starbucks more ” and “Best coffee shop in the world and all of its stores served me with great quality from Jordan to Texas to NY to Cana to Mrid to Barcelona to Saudi Arabia. Best of luck and keep it up!". The commenter even acknowledged that the advertisement worked on him and will definitely be going to Starbucks more. These comments show appreciation for Starbucks' participation in the community and just proves that it worked on getting the consumers happy and wanting more. Starbucks' approach is a win-win situation where they help others and in return, they help Starbucks. I, like others who also viewed their site, get a positive feeling from looking on the Starbucks sites but the Starbucks video, however, did not deliver a positive feeling. The video also felt as if they were bragging by showcasing their achievements. Starbucks is marketing itself as a company that helps society, communities, and diversity to benefit society by listing all the accomplishments they have achieved. This method of vertising is helping society immensely with thousands of people with new jobs and create new opportunities for farmers. Starbucks also benefits from people who view these programs that Starbucks create and are convinced to purchase more drinks or food from Starbucks. Although their actions are for good, using third world countries as a way of humbly bragging isn't. Ultimately, Starbucks'
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