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Ch. 3 Internal Environment
Starbucks is an easily recognizable brand, even to those who do not purchase their products. This section will explain why most people have heard of them even if they are not coffee enthusiasts. The team of experts Starbucks has compiled over the years has helped them build an empire resulting in them having the most recognized coffeehouse emblem in the world.
Starbucks has maintained their competitive advantage above competitors within the market by maintaining a variety of strengths. By continually managing, maintaining, and upgrading these strengths, they are able to maintain leadership in the market. This has been accomplished by attaining valuable, rare, or hard to duplicate tangible assets, increasing their amount of sustainable coffee farms, and by giving more back to the coffee bean farmers, to their communities and by continually improving and creating products. Starbucks employs design teams all around the world to design coffeehouses that cater to every community they enter. All of these factors help Starbucks maintain a competitive advantage against their competitors. Starbucks continually strives to come up with the next big idea to keep them ahead of their competition while remaining environmentally friendly (Starbucks). In the future, Starbucks must be cautious to not lose their competitive advantage by failing to be innovative, reducing support for farmers, and by maintaining assets that are unique.
As with any business,…
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