Starbucks' International Strategy: An Analysis

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Executive Summary This paper is an examination of Starbucks and what the strategy they will employ to help them build their brand. Starbucks has been growing in the United States for more than three decades as a seller of fine coffee beans and as a café modeled on similar Italian businesses. This model has allowed the company to become one of the most well-known brands in the United States and to continue gaining market share (with a small dip in the 2008-2009 fiscal years). Because it was such a new concept when the company began, they had some difficulty starting, but they have since developed a significant following. The present goal of the company is to expand their market share both at home and abroad; with the focus of the company being on the business abroad. Market share internationally is only at 1%, so Starbucks has a great deal of growth potential that they can realize from a new international marketing strategy. By using the successful strategy developed in the US and focusing that on the specific consumers it targets abroad, Starbucks can be very successful in other countries. The plan includes analysis formed by conducting PESTEL, five forces, financial, SWOT, competitive and strategic analysis. These tools will allow the company to see where they are, and where there competition is. It may be necessary to conduct these types of analysis for all the locations which they hope to expand to. This paper also contains recommendations and methods that can be

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