Starbucks Is A Leader Of The Coffee House Industry

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There is no doubt that humans love their coffee, and with thousands of corporate and franchised stores all around the world, Starbucks is a leader in the coffee house industry. Formed in Seattle, Washington over forty years ago, this humble coffee shop has expanded into most every major city in the nation. According to an article from, 80% of the population in the lower 48 United States lives within twenty miles of a Starbucks, and nearly 50% of that population lives within five miles of one. At any given moment, no one is farther than one hundred and seventy miles away from a Starbucks- that’s a lot of coffee! An article from stated that since 1987, Starbucks has grown an average of 2 stores per…show more content…
They are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint by offering incentives to utilize reusable cups, manufacturing stores out of sustainable materials, and encouraging everyday customers to practice eco-friendly behavior. STARBUCKS’ EFFORT TO LOWER THEIR CARBON FOOTPRINT 3 Since the number of paper cups that Starbucks goes through on an annual basis is in the billions, a reduction of these cups would have a great positive impact on the environment. Walk into any Starbucks store and a wide variety of reusable cups are available for sale. They vary in size, shape, price, and design, but all encourage the same thing – recycling. Starbucks even offers a discount of ten cents when a customer brings in their own cup, which they display in print on their menu reader board. In early 2013, a Whittier Daily News article announced the roll out of a new Starbucks reusable plastic cup priced at only a dollar. Starbucks is trying to reduce the amount of paper cups that end up in a landfill every year. The plastic reusable cup can withstand about thirty washings in the dishwasher and then once it’s no longer usable, the cup can be recycled, as well. Starbucks kept the cup the traditional white and green themed design to emulate their standard cup, attempting to reinforce customer’s continued loyalty to the brand (Scauzillo, 2013). Currently, Starbucks is offering a white and red holiday themed plastic reusable cup for $2.00.
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