Starbucks Is An International Company

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Starbucks is an international company that is recognized and respected. It’s is well known for its coffee as well as the relationships formed with its customers. The typical gourmet coffee fan is that sought-after individual with high levels of education and disposable income (Scarpa). This targets college students and business people in general, as well as individuals from the baby boomer generation to generation Y. Starbucks aims to promote their brand and the coffee experience to foster human connections—which is what Starbucks advertising is all about (

SWOT Analysis
- Customer Loyalty—Starbucks has very strong brand recognition and faithfulness among those who frequent the coffee shop. The Starbucks “high flyers” are known to frequent stores at least three times a week, if not more.

- Employee Loyalty—Starbucks’ partners are their greatest assets. They empower their employees, allowing them to make their customers’ experiences memorable and satisfactory.
- Themes—Each Starbucks store is allowed its own individuality, though the business as a whole is unified in the look and feel of the restaurant envionment. For example, chalkboards are used for creativity in expressing the menu. CD’s, books and movies are also sold, which the company helps to produce and/or promote. The book readings and signings have been very successful for both Starbucks as well as the individual authors.

- Social Issues—Starbucks supports many social issues including,

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