Starbucks Logo Dilemma Essay

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Starbucks’ Logo Dilemma in Saudi Arabia
FEKH21 - International Business
May 9th, 2016

Group Members:
- Numan Ekrekli
- Lauren Brady
- Jack Young
- Monika Lahtarieva
- Miglė Navickaitė

Starbucks’ Logo Dilemma in Saudi Arabia
When it comes to conducting international business, there are many additional factors that play a role that organizations need to take into consideration compared to how they conduct business in their local countries. Although the magnitude of the effects of these additional factors differ based on the products and/or services a given organization provides, it is almost always the case in which such organizations need to adapt to the local market, even if marginally so. That said, there are certain situations
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(Woolf, N. 2014) With regards to the rivalry among existing competitors, competition is at an all time high for Starbucks, with traditionally Eastern and Southern Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, respectively, heading inwards in attempts of expansion at the end of 2014. The former is arguably Starbucks fiercest competitor in the US market. Both organizations latch on the fact they have loyal customers and strive to steal from one another. This could be seen by Starbucks introducing a lighter roast (similar to that of Dunkin’ Donuts) and Dunkin’ Donuts introducing a “more luxurious style” to compete with…show more content…
With the new generational millennials viewing coffee as an opportunity to socialize, Starbucks should have aimed to create more value for customers in that sense. Dunkin’ Donuts is synonymous with being used as coffee-for-fuel and an on-the-go style, which Starbucks now finds itself competing with. Coffee is not going to go away. It would be fair to argue the market is hyper-competitive, and it may be of value for Starbucks to use disruptive strategies to sustain competitive advantage and subsequently avoid the potential threat of

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