Starbucks' Logo and Branding Essay

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Starbucks' Logo and Branding

Try taking a walk in New York without bypassing a Starbucks. Seriously, try– I dare you! Starbucks coffeehouses are so ubiquitous this task would almost certainly be impossible. The truth is, this is not just a New York thing, I was just trying to make the point relevant. Starbucks is the largest coffee distributor in the world and exist all over cities across the country as well as a global expansion. Before getting to the company’s origin, branding and success, a closer look will be taken at the company’s most simple, unique and important graphic representation: the logo. Even considering the relatively low level of advertising done by such a large company, the omnipresent storefronts and
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Also, the image of the mermaid/siren is pretty dynamic with all the lines and movement so its complexity tends to draw attention. Looking at the two logos, another addition to the newer one are the stars on the sides. Aside from their symbolic meaning, they seem to lend a balance that might otherwise be absent. In the original logo, there are large spaces between the text on the top and bottom of the logo, but the weight of the empty space does not draw the eye away from the center or the name since the space is not isolated. Although the protruding rectangular edges reduce the logo’s overall simplicity, they ensure the empty space within the concentric circles do not detract from the more important elements. If you look at the revised logo and imagine the stars are not there, the empty spaces they leave might even be the most weighted part of the logo considering the solid, simple and empty space not found anywhere else on the logo. The inclusion of the stars add another element, but aid in returning the focus back to the center of the logo, followed by the name. Also, without such a drastic break in the text on top and bottom, “STARBUCKS COFFEE” can be read as one continuous item as they are seemingly connected by the stars. Here, the Law of Proximity comes into play. Without the stars, “STARBUCKS” and “COFFEE” are too far apart to be grouped, whereas with the stars, the entire logotype is one

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