Starbucks Marketing Audit

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Marketing Audit: Starbucks Coffee Shops, Environmental Aspect Section
The 3 elements for Starbucks Coffee are:
I need each element and each question in the element answered (using at least 5 references) This is about Starbucks Coffee Shops and their Environmental Aspect section of a marketing audit. Conclusion.

1) Culture---how have attitudes towards business in general, the industry, and the organization changed? Have attitudes toward environmental protection had either a positive or negative impact on the organization or brand? What other cultural phenomena had an impact? What adjustments have been made? Have they succeeded? What additional
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Several online activism groups maintain websites criticizing the company 's fair-trade policies, labor relations, and environmental impact, and holding it as a prime example of what they see as U.S. cultural and economic imperialism. Branches of Starbucks have been attacked by protestors, such as those against the WTO (see also WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 protest activity).

It has also been criticized for quotes on cups
In 2005, the company began to print quotations on its paper coffee cups. One of these drew criticism from fundamentalist Christian groups including Concerned Women for America who seek to "bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy".

Thus Starbucks has to treat the environment with respect to leave little waste for the environment to consume, have efficient processes, low energy costs, high degree of recycling, high product quality, high social standing and high levels of customer satisfaction. It becomes a Win-Win Strategy for the Starbucks enabling it to improve its environmental or cultural record while reducing costs and/or increasing competitiveness and productivity.

The corporations, which serve their employees, enjoy high degree of employee loyalty that goes beyond the employee-employer relationship. Employees are obviously most productive when they do the work in a clean & safe environment, are respected for their work, are suitable rewarded and the remuneration are fulfilling, are empowered

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