Starbucks' Marketing Mix

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Introduction The use of marketing mix in organizations has helped businesses in targeting their market. Marketing mix has a controllable variable used by different companies in satisfying the targeted groups. The mix plays a very significant part in terms of marketing; its purpose is to use tools that are combined together to satisfy the need of the customers as well as obtaining the goals of the selected organization. It is therefore a requirement for every company to carefully address the marketing mix that is the product, price, place, and promotion or the 4 P's before making decisions about their products to the market. Starbucks has a very extensive marketing process which has been used for several years to gain a competitive advantage. The way the Company have been addressing its marketing mix process, have provided a good example on the way major corporations are developing their marketing mix for the better development of the organizations' marketing strategy and tactics. The four P's enable other businesses in having the ability of connecting to consumers who have been surrounded by the targeted market. The ability of Starbucks to create a successful marketing mix is today enabling the Company to produce a good result and a high quality coffee brand as compared to other companies who choose a wrong mix and they end up to fail in their marketing strategies hence a dissolve in the business. In summary, this paper will describe the four elements of the marketing mix
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