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Prepared for: Starbucks Coffee Submitted: Thursday, 2nd February 2012 Prepared by: • Velisya (551496) • Aktalisa Tifany (548994) • Steffany Ciputri (551288) • Gabriela Tiffany (546561) Executive Summary This essay discuss about how Starbucks utilizes its marketing mix in order to gain market share. Starbucks, which has been in the coffeehouse industry for 41 years, face higher competition than before. Even so, Starbucks is able to not only survive through this, but they are able to be “one of the most valuable global brands” (Theodore 2002). In its maturity stage, they are capable of expanding their consumer base despite the fact of increasing competition. Through the augmentation of their…show more content…
Compared to the other coffeehouses, Starbucks has a greater augmentation layer. Now, Starbucks has provided ice creams, alcoholic beverages, teas and juices in addition to coffee. Not many companies has this wide range of products sold in the market. Customer Analysis and Evaluation The target market for Starbucks Coffee used to be the established customers, which includes the middle to high economic class of the society such as the elderly and the professional workers who enjoys high quality coffee. However, as their business expands, its customers are becoming more diversified. Starbucks’ target market moves towards the “younger, less well-educated, and in a lower income bracket than their more established customers,” (Moon). Starbucks position itself as a brand which provides high quality products and is environmentally conscious. Nowadays, people are becoming more environmentally friendly due to higher knowledge on global warming. Therefore, Starbucks is able to improve its brand image by using a recycled packaging. Through time, Starbucks reposition itself not to be too concentrated on coffee itself but to diversify their products. This is shown by changing their brand logo in 2011. Because its product is in its maturity stage it is important for them to diversify its products and differentiate themselves against competitors. Consumers are exposed to different types of goods

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