Starbucks Marketing Strategy

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1. Executive Summary
In this Assignment it is going to be analyzed the marketing strategies adopted by Starbuck Coffee and Virgin Group of companies. They have used, different strategies to expand the business activities. In terms of Starbucks they have used market penetration strategy to grab the market and when increasing sales revenue. With reference to Virgin Group of companies, they follow differentiation strategy and therefore, they have entered in to variety of markets. Due to these differences they have adopted variety of pricing strategies to reach the customers.
In this report, first part of the report include, small introduction about the companies, such as their primary activities, major markets, pricing, operational and HR strategies. After that SOWT analysis and five forces analysis has been carried out to understand the nature
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If the company cut down their prices to lessor level, more customer basis will be achieved and come to the company. Therefore, it result to increase the market share and after that it lead to increase profitability of the company (Dproviing inkhoff, 2007).
Differentiation strategy-With reference to this strategy Starbucks can offer differentiated products to the customers. For that it is required to do in-depth analysis about customer needs and wants. Therefore, it is very important to offer different products based on the features of the customer buying pattern. (Magretta, 2012).
Focus Strategy- With reference to this strategy, it is required to do select specific market segment and do the market expansion activities. By focusing on a specific market segment company will be able to do more and some time charge a higher prices. In this it is required to select niche market and do the market expansion activities (Janty,2013).
4. Task 03
4.1. Values and sustainability strategies of the
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