Starbucks Mission And Core Values

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Starbucks is a Seattle, Washington based company that has been in the coffee business since 1971, and there is no doubt it dominates the market. Starbucks success can be credited to its exceptional leadership. Howard Shultz is a well known corporate executive, who has won numerous awards for his outstanding transformational leadership style. This year, he was added on Fortune 's list of "World 's Greatest Leaders." He pushes Starbucks to strive for excellence everyday by living by their mission statement and core values. It is indisputable that his great leadership is driving Starbucks to the great success it is today. Starbucks Mission and Core Values Starbucks ' mission is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup…show more content…
In 1987, with the help of a few investors, Howard Schultz bought Starbucks and combined it with Giornale, the rest is history (The leadership summit). Mr. Schultz had a vision for Starbucks saying; "I saw something. Not only the romance of coffee, but ... a sense of community. And the connection that people had to coffee—the place and one another"(Howard D. Schultz, 2014). Howard Behar Howard Schultz is not the only Howard to have a significant influence on Starbuck’s success. Howard Behar, the former president of Starbucks North America and Starbucks International always stressed the importance of people over profits. Behar worked at Starbucks from 1989- 2007, coaching hundreds of leaders to help the company grown into the coffee power-house it is today (Behar, 2014). Behar’s leadership approach at Starbucks was extremely people-centered, and the company held onto that philosophy after he retired. One of Behar’s famous quotes, “We’re in the people business serving coffee, not the coffee business serving people,” shows his true feelings and passion for the customer (Stallard, 2011). Behar is still loved and respected at Starbucks for his heart and passion as well as his work ethic, open-mindedness, and judgment about the world of business (Stallard, 2011). Howard Behar may not be in the coffee business anymore, but he passed on many of his beliefs and passions to Howard Schultz, current CEO of Starbucks,
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