Starbucks Mission: Social Responsibility

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For the first assignment, please read Case 2, "Starbucks ' Mission: Social Responsibility and Brand Strength" on pages 319-326. Answer the questions at the end of the case, plus this question: In what other ways does this case relate to the concepts that we have learned in the chapters so far? 1. Why do you think Starbucks has been so concerned with social responsibility in its overall corporate strategy? Starbuck is concerned about its social responsibility because it is a very highly visible part of the company’s ethical practices. As the book stated, ethical practices and issues that are highly visible will have great influences on how the public perceives the company and their products or services. This perception is the…show more content…
It is also unique because providing these benefits have contributed to the company’s stability that shown through lower turnover rates and higher productivity from the employees. This uniqueness adds to Starbucks ethical practices as it shows that it cares for its employees and will attract more consumers that value the same level of ethics. 3. Do you think that Starbucks has grown rapidly because of its ethical and socially responsible activities or because it provides products and an environment that customers want? I think that it is because of both practices done by Starbucks. A company as big as Starbucks is made up of so many pieces that effect one another, so to have a good medium there has to be uniformity in everything it does. A decision whether its ethical or not will affect the next decision and so forth, so being both ethical and providing what the customers want has to be valued at the same level of importance for the company to be successful. For example, if Starbucks only focused on ethics and social responsibilities made products that help promote that but doesn’t appeal to the customers, they won’t get much business. On the other hand, if all they cared about was what the customers wanted and how to make that meet those needs more efficiently, they could end up making decisions that will hurt the environment and people and will slowly lose customers as those practices surface. In what other ways does
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