Starbucks Mission Statement Paper

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Looking over my original mission statement, I knew I needed to find some other way to possibly word it. Although it is a good starting point stating that I will bring my all to the table and that I want nothing but the best for my clients and want to see them accomplish in their goals and objectives. Which is all true, I really do. I care about the people I come to meet and those I have not yet. I am also stating that I want to bring forth creativity, knowledge to power, loyalty and respect for all; All while having absolutely 100 percent a professional appearance. Therefore I ask myself this, how do I adjust my original mission statement to sound more professional, and to be taken more seriously? I want to be taken more seriously about my work and what I'm trying to achieve. I don't want my audience and future to just see me as the quiet and soft spoken girl who doesn't know anything, when in fact I know quite a lot because I'm a great observer. I see what's around me and know what I know from my experience out there, that I want to share it all with the world. I know I need to step up and speak up more because there is a time to be an observer, but more so to speak up and get what I know I deserve.…show more content…
It's simple and straight to the point to their consumers and employees. Now, this is the first time seeing GE's Mission Statement and I really like what they came up with there as well. It's not like anyone else by theirs being more of an Equation Mission Statement which is very unique to them. I like what they said and how they brought it to be. It's a little longer, yet it is straight to the point and relates to both the customers and employees
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