Starbucks' Mission & Strategic Choices

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Starbucks ' Mission and Strategic Choices: Are They in Alignment?

Executive Summary This paper examines strategic management, which encompasses business decisions and actions that: define the organization 's mission and objectives, determine the most effective utilization of organizational resources, select best courses of action to meet its mission, and seek to assure the effectiveness of the organization within the environment. This case study evaluates the strategic management process, and applies those concepts to a practical case study of Starbuck’s mission statement. This case study is presented in the format of a formal business report – prepared by a consultant and presented to the Starbucks ' Board of Directors
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Therefore, this strategy supports the overall brand quality of Starbucks as the “premier coffee,” yet captures additional customers that do not seek the branded Starbuck experience and would likely choose one the niche competitors. This strategy can cater to a slightly different clientele – in both coffee stores and supermarkets – and increase overall corporate revenues. Will the company continue its past success? Yes. A continued emphasis on customer satisfaction, coupled with effective strategies that develop new product lines, will stimulate revenue growth and stabilize share prices. The current vision and path summarized by Starbucks president and CEO, Howard Schultz, is a commitment to “continually improving our customer experience as the roadmap to renewed growth and increasing profitability,” with emphasis on continued application of previously successful strategies, “we will continue to innovate and differentiate, two perennial hallmarks of the Starbucks brand.” (Starbucks Financial Releases, 2009)


Strategic management is “a company-wide process that includes a long-term plan of action that assists in achieving an organization 's objectives and fulfills company vision,” (course material) and is comprised of four major elements: situation analysis, strategy formulation, strategy
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