Starbuck's Missions, Values and Principles

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Each one of these elements explains how Starbucks is just not offering just coffee, but an experience. In the stores, they complement this by bringing several items to the table (product variety). In addition, Starbucks has positioned themselves in the focus differentiation and treacherously close to best supply category. Starbucks has used the Verismo to position themselves back into the focus section because it is a specialty item that Starbucks aficionados might want in their home. However, Starbucks is going against the grain with the Via products because of its low costs. This is risky because people buy Starbuck for the experience and the high quality coffee, not because it is cheap. Starbuck has entered into these other categories through partnerships and joint ventures. These relationships make sense, because every partnership is with a company in an industry related to Starbuck’s industry (e.g. Pepsi, Kraft, Unilever, Green Mountain etc.). Starbucks does not enter into partnerships with only one company; but collaborates with many companies, that are the respective leaders in their industry. The coffee company uses many of their partners as guides to learn from, and build relationships in a particular industry. Strategically this makes sense because Starbucks is gaining knowledge and not spending a major amount of money. Therefore, when the…
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